What's The Difference Between Cotton and Ring-Spun Cotton?

Ring-Spun Cotton vs. Standard Cotton

We all look at the tags on the back of tee shirts and act like we know what the materials means right? Well maybe, in a sense, you do based on the feel of it. But here at DollarTeeCompany, we're experts in everything apparel and have come to educate you on what the real difference is between standard cotton and ring-spun cotton.

What's the Difference?

Ring-Spun Cotton is made by twisting and thinning fine strands of cotton to make a stronger, smoother and softer rope of cotton fibers. 

Standard Cotton is made by twisting and thinning file strands of soft fiber, which is made into yarn, which is then woven to make the standard cotton material. 

Due to the processes of each material, Ring-Spun Cotton is much more durable and has a significantly softer feel. At DollarTeeCompany we offer our Classic Cotton Tee which uses Standard Cotton, while our Soft-Style Tee is made up of Ring-Spun Cotton. 

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