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Musician/Entertainer Alex Villoria

Solid Black Classic Cotton Tee Shirt

We went out to Huntington Beach, CA to hang out with the super-talented Alex Villoria. Alex talked about how he got his start in music and what he credits his success to on his Youtube channel, which now has over 134,000 subscribers. Alex is an avid wearer of our Solid Black Classic Cotton Tee Shirt

"A lot of you always ask me why I always wear black shirts or just plain colored shirts, it's because I think that there's nothing that goes better with your outfit than just a plain solid colored shirt. You can go to Forever21 or H&M and buy a plain black tee shirt for like $15 or $20 and to me that makes no sense. That's why I like DollarTeeCompany, they sell nice quality plain blank shirts for like $4 a shirt on their site. I think it's awesome, it fits great and uh.. I'd say it doesn't look to shabby on me at all" - Alex Villoria